Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, I do have one WIP, but I'm not sharing. :( Boohoo, sorry, its a surprise! BUT... I made my first FBB!!! I am so happy with it!! I even lined it!! With the help of this wonderfully easy, great for a beginner sewer tutorial. Anyways, heres my bag.

AND..I also made my boys some jellyfish. I got one in a swap last month and they all wanted it! It was crocheted, so I looked for a pattern and although I did find some really cute ones, and more cute ones, I also found this one. As soon as the boys saw it, they yelled "Spongebob Jellyfish!" So I had to try. I screwed up a little, I bought felt before I read the instructions which called for fleece, which will curl on itself for the "legs", but oh well, I just crocheted the legs on. It was actually quite an easy project and I love how they turned out. BUT, I broke my sewing machine :( so no more sewing projects untill I get off my a*# and get it fixed. I think some of the eyelash yarn got stuck in the thingy that moves the needle up and down (ya, you can tell I'm an expert seamstress here, lol) and now it won't move AT ALL, or change the stitch selector thing. So I'll take it in. Well, heres my jellyfish. The boys love them.

There is actually 4, but one has mysteriously vanished. Well, thats it for this week. Whats on your hook?????


Crochetoholic said...

love the jelly fish what a cute idea...Don't cha just love those Fat Bottom bags? I sure do...

Caroline said...

I so enjoyed viviting your the jellyfish. I got into crocheting the Ana Paula ones a few weeks ago. Good job on the FB love the colors of the lining.
caroline aka the kansas hooker