Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WIP Wednesday!

OK guys. I really only have 1 WIP, but a few more that I need to start soon, like toninght soon. The WIPS I have listed on thee sidebar are more UFOs than WIPs. So, here is my one and only WI. Its my Newfoundland Flag Lapghan. A friend asked me if I could make her one for her to give to her father on Fathers Day, so, here it is. Its about.....I'd say 1/4 done. I can only work on it at night. I do little things in the day, here and there. Could you imagine working on a project with all the kids in the day with all the stray balls?? Haha I have had cats and kittens and I find that 3 and 2 yos are WAYYYYY worse than cats when it comes to yarn!

See all my ends off in the corner? Little hands love them!

Have you noticed yet that almost every pic I take where something is on the floor you always see little feet? lol, everytime I go to take a pic, they all come running saying get my feet!! So I have no choice cuz they won't move! Anyways....

I also finished my Noahs Ark Baby Blanket. This one is from the May 2008 Crochet! mag for those of you who don't know. I made a little sun to go on it too though just for something else. I also made a little octopus. It shows up fine on the blanket, but in the pics you can barely see it. But can you find my little oops? haha, I didn't notice it until it was too late to fix it. let me know if you see it.

Well, thats it for today. I hope you enjoy my first WIP Wednesday and come back next week to see my progress! In the meantime, send in some links to your WIPs!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OK, so I disappeared for a while, but I swear I've been working hard! haha. I have lots of projects done, but I won't post all the pics. Theres just too many! I'll show you one of my WIPs that I finished off. Its the Hearts baby Blanket. I love this blanket, but lots of ends to weave in. But at least the pattern calls for it to be crocheted together as you go, which I LOVE. Here it is.

Another pic I'll show you is of these little Cowboy boots and hat I made for a baby girl. I thought they were so adorable.

Here's the Cowboy Booties

And here's the Cowboy Hat.

I used a smaller hook to make the hat really tiny for a newborn. I know she won't get much use out of them, but aren't they adorable?!?!

And I wanted to show you another pic. It was my brothers bday and I made him the perfect cake! He won't let me put pics of him eating it up, lol, but I can at least show the cake. Now this is NOT meant to offend anyone. It was just a humorous cake that I made. I hope you all get a laugh out of it.

Look, I figured out how yo hyperlink!!! yay!
Also, I am going to start doing some stuff, like every Wednesday I will take pics of my WIPS and post for WIP Wednesday. Maybe you can send along some of yours too. And then I thought on Fridays could be Favourites Fridays, where I'll show you something I really like that week. Just some ideas. And I'll start tomorrow.Well, see you then!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, I did get my Mothers Day stuff done for my mom and MIL. (I'll see my bff next weekend, so I'll post hers then). Heres what I made them. I still want to add more, maybe I'll add little things before I see them. The baskets look empty to me. They each got a gift certificate too though.

This ones my Moms

This is for my MIL

Another thing I did today was make some chair booties! A couple of weeks ago, Quenton got out of the chair and somehow ground something into the floor to cause this!!

DH was furious! He said to me"You make stuff all the time! Can't you make something for these chairs?" We did have those felty things on them but they apparantly didn't work too well, so I made these. I think they're kinda cute. I made them from yarn that I have no plans for, so it won't be missed.

You can see another little(but long) scratch here too.

Well, I don't know if Ill be able to get on here tomorrow so I'll wish you all a Happy Mothers Day!!!! Oh and I've been thinking of some fun things can do on this blog, I've been reading lots of blogs lately and I love them, just wish I was as creative as some of you guys! But I'm thinking.......

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Think I May Be In Trouble

Well, I'm getting my Mothers Day gifts done. I have my Moms done, I was going to also make her a x-stitch bookmark, but forgot to buy the floss at WM yesterday(I even had the list in my back pocket!! don't you hate that!), I'll try, but who knows, I gotta buy the thread tomorrow. I also finished making stuff for my MIL. I will post pics of everything put all together tomorrow. I also wanted to make something for my bff. I always give her a Mothers Day gift because she never gets one and she deserves it. Her ex is a huge piece of *@#$ who left her and their 3 kids and then literally married a milionaire and still will not even pay support. Anyways.....I wanted to make her a purse (it'll be first real one), beause when I made some lttle girl ones for her mom to give to her goddaughter, she said "Wheres mine??" So, I was gonna make her a cute adult one. I have already started an frogged 3!! ,this is no good. But I also thought, to go with the purse I could make a little wallet and maybe a journal cover, I searched and found some really cute things, but no wallets that I really liked too much. I did print off a couple though. BUT, heres where my trouble begins, ended up at Etsy, just looking, and found sewn wallets and I am in love! I really want to sew one, so of course, every chance I had today, instead of finsihing something off, I was stuck on the computer, looking at all the beatiful tutes for sewing thingys, and theres tons! I dunno though, I think a wallet could be a pretty good beginner project, no?I have a really good sewing machine, just got it last year. (oooohhh, I would LOVE an embroidery machine....side note, lol, hope dh reads this ;p), what do you think? Would a wallet be too difficult for a beginner? Its basically just straight lines. I can do those. And then the other things you find. I think I may have a new obsession brewing! And my crocheting obsession isn't dwindling a bit! I got quite a few new ideas searching thru sewing stuff to crocheting too. I have not been able to sleep too well the past couple of days because I'm thinking of projects to do!! OMG!! Am I the only one wh does this?!? I feel crazy, losing sleep over crocheting? hahahaha, lmao!!!! And just look at what happens when I get in this mode

The grocery bags are all full of UFOs, because when I get like this, my mind wanders too much be able to stay on one thing, and I just get way too anxious for starting a new project!

I've now got out my beading supplies and tons of crochet stuff everywhere! Yes, that is my kitchen table, lol. Good thing I've go 3 of 4 still in highchairs! The oldest just pushes everything to the side and its not like I have had the chance to actually sit and eat in a couple of years. Constant wails of something or other during dinner. Could you imagine if I had out my scrapbook stuff too...which reminds me, I should make up a couple of Mothers Day cards. Oh, I also have x-stitch stuff here too., but its contained pretty well in the little black box. Dh says I have too much stuff, but whos buying it for me?? He is! I should show him some of the pics I have seen from some of you guys!! How I envy you!!!!! I do have a couple of closets pretty full too,but thats about it.

Well, on another note, look what Quenton found in the yard!! Awwww...its so cute! I told him to stay away cuz Mama bird would get angry. He just zoomed in for this pic with the flash off. I've never seen baby birds before. I love not living in the city!! Well, I should go tidy some of my mess up, lol. Will post project pics tomorrow.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slow Computer!

I have been meaning to post for a while now,but my computers been acting up. Its OK now though, but who knows what tomorrow will bring, so I'm posting quick.

I received my puffy from Joye about a week ago and I LOVE IT! She made this tiny little knitted pin, its so cute. Its in my hutch, so no little hands can find it.
Here's a pic of everything I got.

And I tried to get a close up on the pin. This was the best shot I got from 5 tries. Grrrr, I thought I had a good camera, oh well, I must have been to close. But you can still see how cute and tiny it is.

Lastly, for tonight, I've been wanting to make this Starburst hot pad for a while, so I finally did.

The assembly instructions were a little unclear at first, so I searched through Ravelry and someone on there cleared it right up by saying how you should sew through the TOP sc of each square. So, now they're easy and I love them! I wanna make one next with no white, but I'll have to find a matching colour and ombre...maybe cottontots? hmmmm... Well,I've got lots of Mothers Day stuff on the hook right now and will post as soon as its all done..hopefully tomorrow? Bye!!