Monday, April 28, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust!!

I finished another WIP!! Yeah!. I also finished a Spiderman RR that I started last week, and in my true nature, I have started the Noahs Ark Blanket from Crochet! May 2008.

Here's the Chevron Stripes Blanket that I've finally finished. Its from "Vannas All Through The House". Its supposed to have fringe, but I dunno, I wasn't too sure about it so I just left it out. I like it without.

I like putting the blankets on a chair for the pic, It seems more realistic than just laying on a floor.

I got a close up of the stitches. I liked how it was done in BLO for the front.

Then, my Spiderman RR. This is my 4th one and I still have a request for one more. I'm getting so good at them that this one only took me a little over 1 week. I just don't like the last few rounds. They're sooooo long!!

Also, I got an email from my fridgie exchange leader that my partner got her puffy. I haven't received an email from her, so I dunno. I thought they were nice. Well, I can show them now cuz at least she has them.

These are the fridgies I sent. It was a pattern from my Old Crochet With Heart mag (I told you before they were my faves!) The pattern had 3 in it and I couldn't break them up! Its called Victorian Fancies.
I also made her a little Ladybug. Another one of Kristie MN's from Crochetville. Shes so talented. I love Crochetville. So many patterns there!
Well, thats it for tonight. Gotta go watch CSI Miami!

Monday, April 21, 2008

First Exchange Received!

Well, my very first partner got my very first puffy today and sent an email thanking me. I had so much fun with these exchanges that I just can't wait to get started on the new ones! This was my bookmark exchange. I made 2 bookmarks and a little turtle. Heres the pics. The bookmarks were both patterns from one of my mags. And the turtle was KristieMN's on Crochetville.

This first one is the hearts bookmark. You can't really see the hearts too well, I should have used a darker pink, but I do like it.

I got a close up of a heart to see it better

This is the butterfly bookmark. I used the hook size that the pattern called for and I should've known better because when I crochet with yarn, I always have to go up a size or 2 in hooks, so I should've known to do it with steel hooks & thread too. So, this one came out a bit thin and I had to add about 3 more butterflies, but I really liked it too.

Ooops, I just noticed that I should've rotated that pic first so you can really see the butterflies.
Oh well, just tilt your head!! lol

And lastly, here is the tiny striped turtle from Crochetville. Hes so cute, I now need to make 4 more for my boys, they love him!

I will post pics of my other exchange items as soon as I know she got them. I'm sure it will be soon since I mailed them both at the same time.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Whats A Tomblidoo

OK, so not many people know what a Tomblidoo is, I didn't even know and I have 3 preschoolers! So, its from a preschool show and heres a pic of them at this link.


I made a tomblidoo. They are these little creatures from "In the Night Garden". A preschool show My first attempt was quite scary looking.

I told Quenton that I was going to frog it and he said "No, I want it" lol, so he now has it.

Here it is on his bed. See, its scary looking. I didn't even add arms or all of the hair because it wasn't turning out.

So, I tried again. This time I made it from the legs up. It was much easier for some reason. It seemed backwards but it definetly worked out. Here it is.

It was made for my friends daughter and the best compliment I received on it was when she opened it, said "tombidoo" and later that night brought it to bed with her. I also made her a little shirt, a heart purse and a cute little summer hat. She got more goodies too, but those are all the crocheted stuff.

The top is from Lionbrand. I used Red Heart Soft instead of the cotton they called for and it came out ALOT smaller, but it still fit
The purse is from the Crochetguy. I added a fun fur border to it cuz I thought it was cute.
And the hat was from Luv 2 Crochet. She has beautiful things on her site for little girls

Saturday, April 12, 2008

You NEED One Of These!!

This little hat has gotten into my list of things to make (Whats the short form for that by the way?? Its not WIP....what is it?) It is just waaayyyyy too cute for words. Check it out here

I'm finished both of my exchanges. Yay! I'll be mailing them out tomorrow and will post pics as son as I know they got them.

But I do have a couple really cool pics to share. A lady from the At My House yahoo group that I'm on has made my Hearts go Round hat. She made it adult size. I love it!!

Also, 2 people have made my pretty Butterfly. One I found on ravelry by thelassi4. Heres that one.
And the other one was by Aurora. You can see it on her blog here.
Sorry it took me so long to post these, but I just had to share them. They are all beautiful and I love that people are liking my patterns!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I Suck, I Know

OK, so I haven't posted in just about forever. Sorry about that. I had my baby boys 2nd bday this past Sunday and I have this problem of wanting to do EVERYTHING myself, from decorations to incitations to cakes. So, I've been busy. I have never liked Mickey Mouse. MUCH MUCH prefer Bugs Bunny, but of course your children have a mind of their own and Ethasn first cartoon taht he would actually watch was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It comes on and he starts squealing "Mouse!" Its so cute, so I just HAD to do a MM themed party right? So I started with the invitations

Then I made a couple posters (forgot to take pics of those), a birthday banner (no pic :() and a "Pin the Hat on Angry Donald" game, which we never got around to playing. I also made the loot bags, shaped like Toodles and filled them with MM goodies from the $ store (I LOVE that place!)

And of course the crochet part. I made all the kids MM hats!

I had to put names on them, because they were all diff sizes. I put bows on the girls too, but again, no pics. Heres the birthday boys hat.

I got the pattern from

The biggest surprise of all (to me too) was that my own Mom came dressed up in a full MM mascot suit, with the head and EVERYTHING!! It was awesome and, I wasn't sure how Ethan would react, but he LOVED it!!

OH and my fave part, I made the cake! It tasted just as good as it looked!

New news is I'm in my first 2 exchanges! I'm so excited. I'm in a fridgie and bookmark exchange. I have ideas that I'm working on tonight and will be done in the next couple of days, I hope they're liked!! I also want to make my friends daughter (who turned 2 today) a teddy of "In the Night Garden" Its her fave show, but I can't find any plushies of them sooooooo whats a crocheter to do?! Make one up! Well, I'd better get to work now.