Monday, April 28, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust!!

I finished another WIP!! Yeah!. I also finished a Spiderman RR that I started last week, and in my true nature, I have started the Noahs Ark Blanket from Crochet! May 2008.

Here's the Chevron Stripes Blanket that I've finally finished. Its from "Vannas All Through The House". Its supposed to have fringe, but I dunno, I wasn't too sure about it so I just left it out. I like it without.

I like putting the blankets on a chair for the pic, It seems more realistic than just laying on a floor.

I got a close up of the stitches. I liked how it was done in BLO for the front.

Then, my Spiderman RR. This is my 4th one and I still have a request for one more. I'm getting so good at them that this one only took me a little over 1 week. I just don't like the last few rounds. They're sooooo long!!

Also, I got an email from my fridgie exchange leader that my partner got her puffy. I haven't received an email from her, so I dunno. I thought they were nice. Well, I can show them now cuz at least she has them.

These are the fridgies I sent. It was a pattern from my Old Crochet With Heart mag (I told you before they were my faves!) The pattern had 3 in it and I couldn't break them up! Its called Victorian Fancies.
I also made her a little Ladybug. Another one of Kristie MN's from Crochetville. Shes so talented. I love Crochetville. So many patterns there!
Well, thats it for tonight. Gotta go watch CSI Miami!


Laurah said...

Great blankets! I want to make a spiderman ripple someday. RRs last few rounds are a bit long, aren't they? Love the fridgies too!

mama24boyz said...

Thanks Laurah! Ya, the end rows of RR take me so long to do, mostly because I get tired of doing the same thing over and over and over....well, you get the idea! lol. But I really do love the end result and that keeps me going. That and seeing the look on the little boys faces when they get them.