Monday, April 7, 2008

I Suck, I Know

OK, so I haven't posted in just about forever. Sorry about that. I had my baby boys 2nd bday this past Sunday and I have this problem of wanting to do EVERYTHING myself, from decorations to incitations to cakes. So, I've been busy. I have never liked Mickey Mouse. MUCH MUCH prefer Bugs Bunny, but of course your children have a mind of their own and Ethasn first cartoon taht he would actually watch was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It comes on and he starts squealing "Mouse!" Its so cute, so I just HAD to do a MM themed party right? So I started with the invitations

Then I made a couple posters (forgot to take pics of those), a birthday banner (no pic :() and a "Pin the Hat on Angry Donald" game, which we never got around to playing. I also made the loot bags, shaped like Toodles and filled them with MM goodies from the $ store (I LOVE that place!)

And of course the crochet part. I made all the kids MM hats!

I had to put names on them, because they were all diff sizes. I put bows on the girls too, but again, no pics. Heres the birthday boys hat.

I got the pattern from

The biggest surprise of all (to me too) was that my own Mom came dressed up in a full MM mascot suit, with the head and EVERYTHING!! It was awesome and, I wasn't sure how Ethan would react, but he LOVED it!!

OH and my fave part, I made the cake! It tasted just as good as it looked!

New news is I'm in my first 2 exchanges! I'm so excited. I'm in a fridgie and bookmark exchange. I have ideas that I'm working on tonight and will be done in the next couple of days, I hope they're liked!! I also want to make my friends daughter (who turned 2 today) a teddy of "In the Night Garden" Its her fave show, but I can't find any plushies of them sooooooo whats a crocheter to do?! Make one up! Well, I'd better get to work now.


Laurah said...

Looks like the birthday party was a hit! I love the idea of crocheting Mickey Mouse Hats. Those paper ones wouldn't last as long. Also I love the embroidered names. What a lucky boy!

Zaida said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the toodles bag?

mama24boyz said...

Its actually just all cardstock, I made the three circles, coloured them to look like Toodles, glued them together on the bottoms and made yarn handles. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

But how did you connect them to actually make a bag? I can see how you made the face with the cardstock, but I dont get how you were able to put items in it.
I know.. I am mentally challenged when it comes to crafts and things. :)

mama24boyz said...

Since it was only going to little kids and only had very lightweight stuff in it, I only used a double sided tape. BUT, I would think, if you wanted it sturdier, you could use blue yarn or thread and trace the blue outline of toodles with the thread to join the 2 sides. Maybe??

Anonymous said...

i love love love the mickey ears!!!! amazing!! i have been looking all over for the pattern and bz designs is no longer an active website. any tips?? Thanks!!

mama24boyz said...

Thank you!! I saw that her site was down too. I think if you just do a basic beanie, just do a search for it and there are tons free. Then just make circles for the ears and sew them on. The only thing, with the circles, mine didn't stay up very well. Maybe if you make 2 and use plastic canvas, or even cardboard in between for support. That may work. Or maybe don't do full circles, leave the bottoms flat and it will help them stand? Hope I've helped!!