Monday, April 14, 2008


I made a tomblidoo. They are these little creatures from "In the Night Garden". A preschool show My first attempt was quite scary looking.

I told Quenton that I was going to frog it and he said "No, I want it" lol, so he now has it.

Here it is on his bed. See, its scary looking. I didn't even add arms or all of the hair because it wasn't turning out.

So, I tried again. This time I made it from the legs up. It was much easier for some reason. It seemed backwards but it definetly worked out. Here it is.

It was made for my friends daughter and the best compliment I received on it was when she opened it, said "tombidoo" and later that night brought it to bed with her. I also made her a little shirt, a heart purse and a cute little summer hat. She got more goodies too, but those are all the crocheted stuff.

The top is from Lionbrand. I used Red Heart Soft instead of the cotton they called for and it came out ALOT smaller, but it still fit
The purse is from the Crochetguy. I added a fun fur border to it cuz I thought it was cute.
And the hat was from Luv 2 Crochet. She has beautiful things on her site for little girls


Laurah said...

I didn't know what tomlidoos were either. They're cute, though. It's nice that your son 'adopted' the armless one. At least all that hard work won't go to waste.
I really want to make that lacy top for a 6 yr old I know. The pink set is so great with the matching hat and purse. She is a lucky little girl!

mama24boyz said...

Thanks Laurah! And the top wasreally quick and easy to make. I had it done in one night. If I had matching ribbon on hand I would have used that to string through instead of crocheting one, just cuz it might look cuter, but I like the crocheted one too.

Lynn said...

Love these! Great job!