Monday, November 17, 2008

Irish Pride Square

I really suck at keeping up with posts. Sorry.

DH wanted me to make him an afghan, which is really cool cuz he never really shows too much interest. Ya, he does the Oh thats nice and fake interest stuff, but thats about it. I made him mittens last year...the ones that the top pulls back, so your fingers can be in or out. You know what I mean, I'll find the link later. Fingerless gloves with a mitten top. Anyways, those got "lost" before he ever wore them, so you can understand taht I really wanted to make him something nice. He wanted something to do with shamrocks. I searched free and not for any shamrock squares. And theres tons of nice little motifs, but o squares, so....I made on up! I thought it was going to be a lot harder, but it was pretty easy, so here it is. For all you guys! I hope you like it!

Pattern unavailable until further notice

***Please do not sell or copy this pattern in any way or give it to anyone else without my consent. You may sell the finished product, but please state my name as the designer of the product. Thank you*** Any questions or comments can be sent to
And please feel free to send me pics of your finished work too. I’d love to see them!

Free PDF verion available for download here!!
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AnnaBoydCreations said...

I am awful at posting to.: ). I have three kids (youngest 6months), a disabled husband, and am often in school. Don't feel bad, lol. I have probably ten different tutorials to post, but have trouble getting to sit at my computer. Such is life. ;)