Friday, March 21, 2008

Sticking To It

Well, I'm really doing it!!! I got one wip done AND I managed to do a few more projects as well. Heres a pic of my Starry, starry Nights Afghan that I finally completed.

And I made matching pillows that were from the Mar/Apr 2008 Crochet Today mag. They're so cute. I love them and I think I'm gonna have to make more cuz my boys love them too!
I made a star

And a moon

And finally I tried to get some little bunny pins made for Quentons class, but as always, I waited too late to start them and didn't get them done in time. Now I have 30 little bunny pins sitting here, lol. I'm sure they'll find a home somewhere!!
I got the pattern from Maggies Crochet.

Heres all 30 of them

I was supposed to use pompoms for the nose, but I didn't have any and going out shopping for pompoms could be alot of trouble for me, I'm sure some of you can relate!!! lol. So, I had heart shaped confetti, I turned them upside down and voila, cute little bunny noses. I also tried 2 different sizes of google eyes. Heres the big ones

And the smaller ones. I like them better.

All in all, I think I've been pretty productive. One down...countless others to go!! lol

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