Monday, March 3, 2008

Just another Day

Hey, todays been a pretty blah day. Although its been absolutely beautiful outside!! A high of 14 today!!! Finally looks like spring is coming. Even though the weather says it will be back to -6 tomorrow with some flurries, but they lie! Well, I got a little poncho done for the 10 yo girl that I was talking about. I don't know if she'll like it, so I'll make 2 and give her an option. I still gotta make a little Easter outfit for 4yo Abby. And I would like to make cute Easter baskets for all my boys. I think I can do it all by Easter....hmmmm. I dunno, we'll see, but I'll try. I think I am a pretty quick crocheter, so who knows. After all that I still have to make a couple of baby blankets and I just have lots of ideas running through my head.I just can't seem to stop. Thank goodness its National Crochet Month, thats my excuse for doing it so much!! haha. I haven't taken any pics, but I will tonight and post them tomorrow. Bye for now!

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