Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I know its tomorrow, but I'm a little early! I just wanted to put up the pics of the projects I finished for my MIL. She is the only person I know that decorates for St. Pattys and when I saw these patterns I just had to make them for her. The first one was an AA FPOD and I thought it was so cute.

Then I had to make the kids some little shamrock pins to wear to school (hers, mine are too little for pins)

These are from

And lastly I made my MIL this little pin. (Quenton also wanted one after he saw it so I made him one too) These pins are from Peggytoes on Crochetville. If you haven't seen her work, you NEED to go see it. She does amazing things. And they are all so small. I LOVE her patterns. She has a bunch for free, and on her page there is a shortcut to her Etsy page where she has more! Her link is here

And here is a pic of the pin next to the D hook that I used so you can see how small they are. I've seen people use these as keychains, pins, on barettes.....just look through crochetville and you'll see them all.I always Crochet small, so I used a D hook, even though the pattern called for a C. Then my hand cramped with that anyways! So Quentons I used an E hook, and it came out just a little bigger, but still good. And I buy bags of milk here, have never even seen a milkcap before, but I just used a cardboard cutout and it worked great.

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