Thursday, March 6, 2008

Projects done

OMG!! We got hit again!! We got at least another 5" of snow yesterday. Schools weren't cancelled here, but they were 20 minutes away. Didn't make much sense to me, so since it was still pretty bad when Quenton went to school, I let him stay home. It just doesn't make sense...2 days ago it was 14 degrees out!! And now 5 more inches of snow!?! It looks pretty cold out today too. I don't knoow and I'm scared to find out!

So, in the past 4 days, I got one poncho for the 10yo girl done. I think I might do another cuz I think this one looks kinda small. On the pattern, it looked like it drapes, but mine looks tight. Oh well, its still nice. I also finished a bunny purse for Abby. Its cute. And I started to design my own ladybug purse. I also started to make a skirt and vest from a Hooked on Crochet mag. Well, I've been busy I guess. Heres some pics.

Bunny Purse from

Pink Camo Poncho from

See what I mean, this poncho looks tight and the pattern drapes. Oh well, I must of done something wrong, but I still like it.

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