Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WIP Wednesday!

OK guys. I really only have 1 WIP, but a few more that I need to start soon, like toninght soon. The WIPS I have listed on thee sidebar are more UFOs than WIPs. So, here is my one and only WI. Its my Newfoundland Flag Lapghan. A friend asked me if I could make her one for her to give to her father on Fathers Day, so, here it is. Its about.....I'd say 1/4 done. I can only work on it at night. I do little things in the day, here and there. Could you imagine working on a project with all the kids in the day with all the stray balls?? Haha I have had cats and kittens and I find that 3 and 2 yos are WAYYYYY worse than cats when it comes to yarn!

See all my ends off in the corner? Little hands love them!

Have you noticed yet that almost every pic I take where something is on the floor you always see little feet? lol, everytime I go to take a pic, they all come running saying get my feet!! So I have no choice cuz they won't move! Anyways....

I also finished my Noahs Ark Baby Blanket. This one is from the May 2008 Crochet! mag for those of you who don't know. I made a little sun to go on it too though just for something else. I also made a little octopus. It shows up fine on the blanket, but in the pics you can barely see it. But can you find my little oops? haha, I didn't notice it until it was too late to fix it. let me know if you see it.

Well, thats it for today. I hope you enjoy my first WIP Wednesday and come back next week to see my progress! In the meantime, send in some links to your WIPs!


Laurah said...

Your Noah's Ark blanket turned out great! I like the yarn you used for the water. I've only seen one other blogger make that blanket, and she added her own appliques, too. I love what you did with it!

Melissa H. said...

I noticed your little oops when I was working on the pattern and was going to ask about it. :) The octopus is hiding one of his legs! (I'm going to add the eighth leg when making the appliqué.)

mama24boyz said...

lol, you got it!!! I'm pretty sure though, that I added the eighth leg into the instructions :)