Wednesday, June 4, 2008


WIP for this week are still my NFLD Flag Lapghan. I didn't get too much of it done this week. Not a good thing. I'm gonna be working on it like crazy this week.

I also started the Sunny Days Dress from Crochet World June 2008. I have never been a big fan of Crochet World. I'll get it sometimes, but its usually just because I like 1 thing, but this issue had a couple things I like and plan to make.

I have a couple of FOs for this week too. I finished a Cupcake Cradle Purse for Abby (the dress above is also for her) These will be her Big Sister presents when baby Jacob arrives very soon.The Noah's Ark Blanket is for him.

I also finished a couple of football squares for a lady on Crochetville. I need to send those out tomorrow. I also got some swap stuff done, but of course I can't put pics of that up yet! :)

Ethans doing great today. I was worried he would be pulling at his forehead, but he hasn't bothered at all a little cranky, but otherwise fine. And Quenton can straighten his arm more and more every day. He starts football next week and I know hes not supposed to play stuff till the end of the month at least, but I hafta find out soon if he can play it at all for the rest of the summer. If he can't I'll hafta get my $$ back. He'll be upset, but we'll find something less contact that he can do. I'll be upset too, I've never been a big football fan, but last yr was his first year and I LOVED it! It was way more exciting than his soccer was. No offence to all the soccer fans out there. The game itself was good, just watching Quenton do nothing on the field was boring, lol.

Lastly, I did go shopping for fabric!! I did it a couple of days ago, but never really had a chance to post it. Well, here's what I got. Its just a start, but a pretty good one I think. I have projects in mind for all of it. I hope I can do this!! lol.

Let me know what you have in your WIPs this week.

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Cindy Jo said...

WIP this WEEK?!? Try this year! Or maybe it's several years. I am constantly buying stuff and saying that I'll make such and such with of these days. LOL!