Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I just got home, bathed, had a hot tea and now I'm here. Last week, Quenton, my oldest, broke his arm. Its not a really bad break, doesn't even need a cast, but he needs to stretch it and bend it for it to heal, otherwise he will never be able to straighten it out again! This isn't as bad as when he broke his other arm last year and needed surgery to put pins in, but its still a break. So we finally finished up all of his Dr appts yesterday. Yeah! right? WRONG!! Today, the baby was running around and down he goes, right into the corner of a drawer! There was a hole in the middle of his forehead. So 3 1/2 hours after waiting in the ER, he came home with 2 stitches. He was absolutely furious with me. 2 nurses held him down while the Dr stitched him up the whole time hes screaming "Mama!!" And not a pain or help Mama, but a very mad Mama. Poor baby. When they were done I went to pick him up and he starts yelling at me "All done, all done!" with a furious look on his face, then he starts hitting me, finally bit me, then put his head on my shoulder and off we went. lol. I completely understand. No hard feelings. Poor little guy. We have to get the stitches out on Monday. That will be another fun day I'm sure! Well, off to bed I go.

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