Thursday, June 12, 2008


OK, maybe not, but not any time soon!! Its finished! Heres my NFLD Flag Lapghan.

Now my next problem, what to charge for it? I have no clue!! lol

I also have been totally neglecting taking pics of my swaps I've been getting. Not for any reason, just because they disappear after the package gets opened, lol. So I tracked my last few down and heres some pics.

I got these butterfly fridgies from Yolanda. She also sent alot of other things. All my boys even got a little thing! I couldn't get pics of those though.

Heres my swap from Connie. I have been wanting to make a cloth with the scrubbie in the middle, but I can't find the scrubbies, so now I have one!! I also love the little tissue holder. Its a great little sewing project that I'm soon going to try.

And lastly, I got these little toys from Billie. My boys love them. I've been searching for more jellyfish patterns, cuz they all really love that one. I couldn't get it out of Liams hans to take a pic, so you get him too!

I LOVE being in swaps! They are so much fun. I'm only sorry that I only just found out about them.

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