Sunday, July 6, 2008


OK, so I finally sent my sewing machine in to get fixed. I told you how I jammed it while sewing the eyelash yarn legs to my jellyfish. Well, I got a call earlier this week that it will cost $170.00 to repair!!! OMG!! I was in shock. Unfortunately I had to tell him that I would just pick it up as that's just a little to steep a price right now. :( No sewing for me for a while. Unless its by hand of course and No Thanks You! lol. Well, I got some little projects done this week. Not much really. I made a tiny little lady bug purse for a baby (not for her to use, just for fun cuz it was cute!) It was a request actually, but it needed something with it, so I made this little outfit too. I think its cute all together.

Well, we all had a great Canada Day. The boys loved the fireworks and when they hear a bang on the street they all yell fireworks, except the baby, who calls them "rainbows" lol, hes so cute! Here's a pic I took that I thought looked so cool.


Melissa said...

Wow! That is an expensive fix.
the little ladybug is super cute. :)

Smilody said...

That is more than my sewing machine cost! (its a "little Brother")