Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, I've been a little neglectful here for the past 2 weeks, sorry. I haven't really been crocheting too too much either. I dunno why, I start a project but don't finish it lately. I'm gonna fix that soon. Very soon. But what I have got done are more cowboy sets. They are a HUGE hit! I made a Newborn Cowboy set,

a 2yo Cowgirl set,

and a 2yo Cowboy set.

I think these are so cute and the pattern works up so easily. (Its been posted here before....ummm....I forget when ;p)

I'm also working on these adorably little crowns.

This pattern is a lot easier than I thought it would be too. Although I haven't started the crown part really yet.

Well, I'm pretty boring lately. But we went to Marineland last week and I really wanted to take a pic of this bear swimming in the water right below us, as I'm waiting for my cam to load up I guess I got a little excited and pushed the button, then the bear swam away. I thought I lost the perfect pic, but look what I did accidentally! I wouldn't of gotten a better shot if I tried!! lol.

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