Monday, February 25, 2008

Tomorrow, I promise!!!

OK, I suck. I was up till 4am last night with a severe toothache. Have a dentist appt on Thurs. It feels great right now though, so I will get it written up tonight. I know I could've done it while I was up all night, but its so hard to concentrate on anything with a toothache. And it was so hard all day with the 3 toddlers and no sleep, but they were good. I would rather go through labour with all my kids again than go thru another! But, I guess that doesn't really mean much from me since I always had pretty quick and easy births, but anyways......I will get it written up and will post it tomorrow. So sorry!!

And I fixed my pic of my Tumbling Baby Blocks Blanket. It looks more like the blocks are falling when its the right way. Heres my new pic of it.


Kelly said...

Hey there...

I LOVE that blanket...would you mind sharing the pattern? My nephew is having a baby girl (well his wife is!) and I would love to make that for little Maddie! My email is Let me know...


VovoBaisa said...

I adored this blanket.
Could you order the outline or the income, please?
Thank you

Crochet Buffet said...

Very cute blanket!

What pattern did you use?

mama24boyz said...

Thanks Crochet Buffet! Its called Tumbling Baby Blocks by Anne Halliday.