Friday, February 22, 2008

Pretty Butterfly

OK, I really have been working on this baby blanket, especially now tha my Mom told me that the baby blanket she needs is for March, not May! Well, heres my progress.

I just have a few more rows to sew on, then the border. It should only take me a few more hours. I really love this pattern. Its from an old Crochet With Heart Magazine. I really miss this mag. I have no idea why they ever stopped making it. I used to make at least 2 of every pattern in each mag. I didn't buy another mag until recently with the Crochet and Crochet Today, which are now my new faves! I need a subscription.

Anyways, I needed a little break from this blanket and I have always wanted to try amigurumi, cuz they look so cute and quick and easy to do. So, I searched. I found lots of really nice patterns, but I really wanted a butterfly and I couldn't find one free. I can't buy them on line cuz I don't have a credit card, they are dangerous in my hands! Anyhow, I wanted a butterfly, so I thought I could try to make one. I came up with this one. I think shes pretty cute. I am proud of her since shes my first toy without a pattern. And my first time trying the magic ring. I think I will use this method ALL THE TIME! ITs great and easy!.

Well, heeres my butterfly. OH! And before I forget, I saw that my poll is now closed and you guys like the braided trim the best. I thank you all for your responses adn your comments on my hat. And I hope that you all enjoy making them. And, by the way, I would love to see finished pics and you all have my permission to do with the finished product what you please. Just not the pattern, that ones mine! lol


Anonymous said...

I admire your creativity - I can follow directions but not come up with the ideas :)

I noticed in amigurumi, the eyes tend to be tiny and widely spaced. Did you experiment with the face any? I love purple - cute.

mama24boyz said...

Ya, I did notice that too about the eyes and when I first made hers I thought they were way too huge! But then I thought they were cute and kind of fit for bug eyes. I don't know. I also wanted to crochet eyes on instead of sew a button or beads cuz I have young kids that may want to taste a button or beads.

Anonymous said...

sooooooooooooocute and creative

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's so great!!
-Sherri K.

*Le Anna* said...

Waaay TOO cute! You are very creative. I'm sure if you wanted to sell finished items or the pattern that a LOT of people would be interested!