Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Time No See!

Wow!! I haven't been on here forever! I made DHs blanket finally! I changed the square a bit, if you remember, I made a square up just for him and posted the pattern on here, Irish Pride Square. Well, to that, I added another few rows to make a 10" square instead of 8", just so I didn't have to make so many squares, I really don't like that part too much. Then when it was all put together, I added the border the same as each square, I think it turned out pretty nice.

Other stuff I've made. I made up a Robotnik!

to go with Sonic.

When I asked the twins waht they wanted, one said Sonic and the other said Robotnik, so here they are. Then I made a Gary,

or Bary as my youngest would call him, lol. And I JUST finished up a Squidward!
I LOVE this one! Patterns for Sonic and Gary are available at my Etsy shop, and patterns for Robotnik and Squidward will be available soon.

And lastly, it was my babies third bday on the third of April. He loves Spongebob, is literally obsessed with him, and also pirates, so his Nana bought him a pirate hook for his bday. Well, with the 3 of them fighting over who gets to play with it, it broke, so guess what I did?!?! I made him another one!! I was about to make one for the other 2, but I guess the novelty wore off, cuz they don't want it, but Ethan sure likes it!
Especially in his pirate jammies!

Pattern for this will be available soon for free right here! Gimme about a week and I'll post it.

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