Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long Time No See!

Hi everyone!!!!! I haven't been on here FOREVER!! I'm so sorry. I had a bit of a crochet slump for a while there, but I've been slowly picking up my hooks again, mostly thanks to my new inspiration........I'm due with a baby girl June 2!!!! WOW! Someone who will wear crocheted clothing!! lol, I'm so excited. Maybe I can start designing clothing now??? Who knows, I do know that I would like to get Pearl and Mrs Puff made up soon. I've made a couple of adorable baby blankets in lots of pinks. Never been a big fan of pink myself but I've bought more of it the last couple months than anything else!!! I have some patterns that I'm debating put up here for free, but I don't want to get into any trouble for posting them so I have to check some stuff out first. I promise to be back soon..........

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Marsha S said...

hey there! I found you doing a search to find a WIP Wednesday to participate in. My middle daughter is pregnant with her first and due June 2 too! She is having a girl.
Anyway, she wants baby booties with a matching hat (with ears) crocheted. I must look for a pattern and get those started!
I have a baby set I want to sew for her...and she wants me to sew her one of those slings as well.