Monday, June 22, 2009

Show and Tell

Hi everyone! I've gone AWOL again I know. But I've been doing lots! Just the other day, I finished this up for my twins JK teacher. Its the Sweetheart Ripple by Kim Guzman from Crochet World Feb 2009. It worked up so quickly for me, I was done in 2 weeks. This is good cuz I'm such a procrastinator!!! Their last day is Wednesday and i still have to make a little purse for the teachers aide!!! (Gonna do the FBB today) Anyways, heres pics of my Sweetheart Ripple.

What else have I done?? OH! The twins had their first bday party to go to and I made the little girl this halter. I love this pattern!! And its available in tons of sizes!! You can find it here.

I also have 2 more patterns coming soon to my shop. Heres Patrick. (Sorry for the bad pic)

And hes got a bellybutton!!!!!

And lastly Spongebob!!!!

Also, I was in a summer scarf swap and it was so much fun!! I got lots of goodies!! Heres what I got from Sarah.

She has an awesome blog here.

Right now, I'm trying to get the FBB done for Wed, and fix up my Gary pattern by adding Lary and Snellie to it. Pics will come soon, they're almost done.

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Anonymous said...

Super cute Sweetheart Ripple! I've gotta get the pattern now. Patrick and Spongebob turned out amazing too even though I'm not a fan I just might have to make a few LOL!